Not a restaurant anymore?… What’s Nutrition and Whole Health Integration Coaching?

One new thing (but not so new thing) I want to share in this next chapter of Gorilla Food is the step to advertise my services as a Nutrition and Whole Health Integration Coach.

For 13 years of having the restaurants, and since even before the restaurants, I have been providing nutrition and health coaching, support, and services to individuals and groups via 1:1 coaching, private cheffing, authoring a cookbook, food and nutrition classes, staff training, workshops, and teaching at family and yoga retreats.

I came up with the Whole Health Integration Coach title after considering my background with nutrition consulting, health coaching, mental health and addiction support and counselling, my background with running restaurants, mentoring staff, teaching yoga, my interest in herbalism, permaculture, and gardening, and my passion for being in the world professing the benefits of natural foods and holistic health practices.

As a Nutrition and Whole Health Integration Coach I support individuals and groups to create strategies and make transitions towards better health practices in their lives. (I also offer business coaching and consulting.)

I help clients to see that health doesn’t come from just one variable such as food or nutrition, but comes from several other aspects of life, including the quality of our relationships, our physical activity, satisfaction with our career and life purpose, and other aspects of life such as our spiritual practices.

How did I get here?

Since being a kid, and growing up with various health issues in my family, I have always had an interest in health and a curiosity for what causes or prevents dis-ease. Early on I understood the mind-body-spirit connection and saw how stress and emotions impact our health too.

In 1999, I completed a program to become a Nutrition Consultant at the Alive Academy. Then, I also completed a Health Coaching certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Also, a Social Work Diploma with a specialization in youth work and addiction counselling, at CDI college.

In addition to these studies, over the years I have lived a colourful life full of world travel, life learning, and exploration. I have taken multiple yoga teacher trainings, courses on supporting victims of trauma, supporting people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I have attended numerous workshops, trainings, lectures, and talks by leading experts in the fields of food and nutrition, permaculture, herbalism, and shamanism.

I will continue to be a life long learner and will continue to share what I learn!

In this blog I will dive deeper into many topics that are part of Whole Health Integration.

With joy and health,

Aaron Ash

Nutrition and Whole Health Integration Coach

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