Gorilla Food: Jungle School for Holistic Living​

Kitchen Skills Workshops, Education, Yoga, Health Coaching, Catering and Retreats

Aaron Ash is the founder, vision holder, pot scrubber, champion and the face of Gorilla Food, an organic, vegan, raw foods business in Vancouver, Canada. He represents all it stands for. He even wrote a book called Gorilla Food. He has grown into this evolving role and has been developing the business since 1995, after realizing there was a lack of organic and vegetarian/vegan food options in the world. ​

He is in love with the community that has grown along with him and the Vancouver locations. He is inspired by new people and places around the world, connecting when travelling to prepare and serve foods at yoga and group retreats, workshops, group holidays and health shows. ​

Aside from a couple of years, his working career from age 11 until now has been mostly within fields of food, hospitality and culture.

Food, music, yoga, permaculture and social enterprise are among his greatest passions.

He has come to realize that his whole life has been preparing him for this role. From his growing up with family gardens and being educated about the importance of locally grown, organic, fresh, whole foods, and home prepared meals; to his exposure early on to his parents yoga books and practices; and to his grandfathers influences on him, who were both designers, builders, leaders and system thinkers. ​

Aaron loves to serve and support people making positive life choices and transformations.​