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Since my late teens I’ve been avidly learning from many different yoga teachers of different forms from around the world. The multi-limbed practices have made an impact on my life and health more than anything else. Since then, I’ve been trying to share the knowledge in all the ways I can.​

I have been inspired, dedicated and fueled by the yoga practices. They are the reason I eat and create and share foods the way I do. They are the why I live and do business like I do. ​

I could say that swinging in the limbs originally inspired Gorilla Food. ​

Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodaha”
Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. Yoga Sutra 1.2:​

Yoga can be found in many ways. Through the act of service. Through the practices of art. Through the practices of movement. Through the practices of stillness. ​

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I have been fascinated by the practices and philosophy since I was a child. I would often look at books of yoga postures on my parents book shelf in my families’ basement. I remember them being from the 1970’s original multi layered and multi coloured spandex era. I remember wondering why the person was bending or balancing in all these different body positions. I wondered why my mom was doing headstands in the middle of the hallway floor between our kitchen and living room. I remember being intrigued by the pictures in the Be Here Now book too that was on the same book shelves. When I was about 20 I read through it fully, and it made more sense why and what yoga sadhana was. ​

I’ve kept studying and learning from many other inspiring teachers along the way. I’ve been testing out the practices.
I am convinced of the benefits.​

I want to share these practices that have given me so much.​