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We are a kitchen and retail space providing organic, plant-based, holistic food, beverages and lifestyle tools.


We get up to get down with holistic, super-charged, plant-based health 

and nutrition, yoga, permaculture, arts, eco-everything and culture.


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637 E. Hastings St.

​Vancouver, BC, Canada
​V6A 1R2
​(Unceded Coast Salish Territory)


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  • Posted on May 22, 2017 3:34 am


    We thought we’d take this long weekend Monday off too with the rest of the BC’rs for development day!

    Great things are developing!

    See ya Tuesday!

  • Posted on February 21, 2017 8:38 am

    Here is a page titled “Our Guests” from the GFood HR Policy Manual. I wrote it for new staff to see you a bit before starting and for them to hopefully get inspired before they meet you. I wanted to get across how we celebrate diversity. Diversity is one of natures greatest strengths.

    Our Guests:

    I can’t say enough about the guests we see at Gorilla Food. They are amazing.

    They are the many (and the ONE) who we’ve been trading resources with every day for these years and who keep us in business. They’ve come and supported us in the rain, the snow and the sun. They tweet, they like, they share, they tip, they buy, and they appreciate.

    We trade inspiration with them…… We trade upliftment with them…… We are all working together to make a better world.

    On any given day there could be a bike enthusiast lawyer sitting at the bar talking to an office worker, a local artist or someone travelling to Vancouver for work or a conference; an antique store owner maybe coming in for a smoothie; a bike courier could be dropping by to grab a juice; a slick person in a suit from the financial industry could be picking up a sandwich and become curious about the beautiful yoga teacher sitting with an iPhone and a green juice. There could be a world travelling hippie passing through on their way to the Gulf Islands or Kootenays to WWOOF or pick fruit for the summer; there could be a travelling group of mountain climbers or snowboarders/skiers from somewhere in the world, often Europe, coming to see Vancouver, Whistler, Canada and the many adventurous terrains.

    We see many yogi’s, musicians, actors and entertainers, we see NHL, NBA, MMA, CFL, VPD, PHD, CEO and all other stars.

    We see working class making it happen hero’s. The people pushing culture forward. Students, teachers, bankers, bus drivers and taxi drivers, police officers, fire-fighters, ambulance drivers, miners, butchers and marketers. Rock stars, rock dealers, bright angels, broken angels.

    We see people that want to change the world for the better. We see people that are realizing a connection between food and the creation of our worlds’ health. We see people that go that extra step to make an optimal choice when choosing what to eat.

    They are either moving away from certain foods for allergenic, ethical or quality preferences; or they are going towards certain foods for vitality, freshness, flavour, cuisine curiosity, preventative or restorative health benefits, enlightenment or weight loss.

    May we aim to see everyone as great and perfect. May we always remember that we choose how we react to people we interact with. If Love and laughter is the answer, then this is what we share.

    At Gorilla Food we serve many individuals and businesses from many walks of life and livelihoods. We aim to be a meeting ground where everyone is royal.

  • Posted on January 22, 2017 2:58 am


    Hey Fam!

    It’s finally on again!

    As things get rolling again we will continue to be able to serve you, our community and ultimately the world in a bigger way!

    Please, check out our delivery and pick-up menu for the moment and bare with the progress for a moment please!!

    We will update the Daily Kitchen Board on the regular so you can find out what else is coming out from the kitchen fresh!