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Welcome to www.GorillaFood.com!

We were a kitchen and retail space providing organic, plant-based, holistic food, beverages and lifestyle tools.


We get up to get down with holistic, super-charged, plant-based health 

and nutrition, yoga, permaculture, arts, eco-everything and culture.


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  • Posted on June 27, 2017 3:33 pm


    Dear Friends and Family… Gorilla Crew!


    I find myself once again wishing you all the best as I move from yet another kitchen.


    Since 2004, it’s been commercial kitchen build #6… I swear, it could stick one of these times!! Thank you for all your support! Deeply.


    Maybe I should start a learned lessons in social business blog. 😉 #consultant #4hire #raw #plant-based #organic #kitchen #business



    As an optimist, I’m framing this as “opportunity” for the next big thing.


    Much fun, much learning. #4evergrateful #onelove


    What now?!!!? What’s next!??!


    I am dedicating more time now to offering personal health coaching and plant-based kitchen skills training. Would you like my help to reach your health goals?! Please inquire!!   #service

    My availability for retreat and private catering is now open too!   #rawchefwilltravel

    I look forward to utilizing my experience, skills and knowledge in many different and new ways!   #open2serve


    Please hit me up if you have any ideas or ways I can help serve you, your business or the evolution of our planet! I will continue encouraging myself and humanity to be our greatest selves.   #mission​


    I have been working with staff, individuals, families and groups professionally for more than 14 years, catering, teaching, demonstrating and sharing experience. ​​


    I love to support and empower people making change in their lives through healthy mindset, lifestyle and food choices.​


    I love helping individuals, families and groups to incorporate more live, plant-based foods and holistic health practices into their lives.   #gorillafoodlife #thegoodlife​


    For over 20 years, I have been studying with teachers of yoga, holistic health, wellness, cleansing, detoxification and lifestyle techniques. I am a certified nutrition consultant. I have taken yoga teacher trainings. I am also just finishing up another nutrition program, becoming certified as a coach.​


    Through connecting with our selves, connecting with nature, connecting with detoxifying and healing foods and practices, and by becoming empowered in the kitchen, I have witnessed many people having amazing shifts in their entire health and lives.​​​​​​​​​​​​

    New clients welcome!!


    It is a 6 month program that I would be in your corner helping you to reach your health goals.


    We would see and talk to each other regularly.


    I would support you, share research, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your success.


    I would bring tools and insights into creating your best health.


    Along with food, we would focus on a number of areas in your life that connect and contribute to your whole health.


    Please reply to hello@gorillafood.com if you’re interested to find out more about health coaching and kitchen skills training!!


    Health coaching is in person or via phone/online.


    I hope to see you from a kitchen again soon!


    I truly am so grateful for your connection to Gorilla Food!


    May all beings be fed. May all beings be happy. May all beings be peaceful.





    Aaron Ash ​​+ Gorilla Food