Gorilla Food: Jungle School for Holistic Living​

Kitchen Skills Workshops, Education, Yoga, Health Coaching, Catering and Retreats

We’re moving on now to the next shape of the Gorilla Food Services… !!! ​​

I’m now, officially and currently serving as a Health Coach; Educator; Yoga Teacher; Plant-based Chef; Workshop and Retreat Caterer; Author. ​​

For more than 20 years I have studied and found my interests and passions in organic food, yoga, permaculture, health, nutrition and natural healing practices of all kinds. ​

I have been learning and sharing with clients and staff from the Gorilla Food public kitchens and counters, and also from catering, workshops and retreats through the years. It has been the best life ever! ​

Since closing the daily kitchens, I have been reflecting on how I can best serve. ​

I am continuing to create new recipes and shares for here on the BLOG. ​

I have an evolving syllabus to offer through plant-based kitchen skills WORKSHOPS and RETREATS. See what’s coming up at EVENTS!​

I would love to help you CATER retreats or events! ​​

For 20+ years I have also been furthering my practice, studies and certifications to teach a variety of different YOGA practices. 

I have been also completing a HEALTH COACHING certification program. It has been great to keep learning and practicing different teaching, coaching and counselling processes.​ I have been working with clients already!

​I have new openings to share and I’d love to help you reach your goals!

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