'Twas the Cleanse Before Christmas - A 1 day Lunch and Learn

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About this event:

Created by Gorillafood

718 E 20th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5V 1N2, Canada



Frulution and Gorilla Food Jungle School for Holistic Living: Yoga, Lifestyle, Raw foods and Plant-Based Kitchen Skills

‘Twas the Cleanse Before Christmas


– A 1 day Lunch and Learn




Enjoy a 3 part, organic, vegan, raw foods lunch, along with snacks and demonstrations. Also an Introduction to Cleansing, Plant-based and Raw Foods talk. The afternoon Lunch and Learn will (optionally) lead into our next two days of the ‘Twas the Cleanse Before Christmas Raw Foods and Plant-based Kitchen Skills Workshop. There will also be a gentle yoga practice to finish the afternoon.


Gain powerful and practical tools and techniques for supporting deep transformation, detoxification, cleansing, relaxation and the an experience of nurturing your greatest self and health.​


Learn to make fresh and delicious, gourmet, plant-based, cleansing and live foods creations.

Enjoy a supportive and gentle yoga class, including breath, movement and meditation.

Receive a personal health and goals consultation.​


The kitchen skills workshop is filled with food tasting, visual demonstrations and hands-on practice. You will be immersed in the exciting culture, cuisine and lifestyle of organic, vegan, raw and plant-based foods. You will explore seasonal foods and living.

  • Explore the history, the theories, the tools, techniques, terms, and the equipment of the organic, vegan, raw and whole foods, plant-based kitchen.
  • Learn to make not only Juices, Smoothies, Sylks and Elixers, Breakfasts, Sauces, Pates, Dehydrated Sweets and Savouries, Sprouts, Raw Entrees and Decadent Desserts.
  • Become familiar with the basic hygiene principals of a living foods kitchen.
  • Practice and learn fundamental and advanced culinary, nutritional and lifestyle tips and techniques.
  • Prepare and enjoy a variety of gourmet, healing, organic, vegan, raw foods and more that you can share with your self, your family or with others.



Teachers Bio:

Aaron Ash is the chef and founder of Gorilla Food, organic, vegan, raw food kitchens in Vancouver, Canada. In addition to the restaurant kitchens, he is an author and teacher, a private chef and a caterer for international retreats and events. He is also a certified yoga teacher.


Candise Pearce (frulution.com) is a Raw Vegan Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, Spiritual Life Coach and Certified Yoga Instructor. She also teaches RawFood & Yoga For Kids at Bridge & Enrich Lives Society.



This 3 day workshop takes place at the Bridge and Enrich Lives Society. @ 718 E 20th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5V 1N2