Gorilla Food: Jungle School for Holistic Living​

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I’m now officially a Health Coach! I’m super stoked to share this with you! I’ve been putting a lot of energy this past couple of years (or decades) into the process of how I can better serve others, and now in this past year it’s been focused towards completing a certification program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. ​

I am now accepting new clients! ​

As a health coach I get to help clients create healthier and happier lives. I help create strategies to manage stress, open to more energy, and reach personal health goals. I support clients to make step-by-step, easily integrated food and lifestyle choices.

For more than 20 years I have studied and found my interests and passions in organic food, yoga, health, nutrition and natural healing practices of all kinds. I have been teaching and working with clients in a mostly informal way from the restaurant counters and kitchens, so it has been really great to find a program that has shown me how to put more structure to the 1:1 coaching and counselling processes. ​

I would love to help you!

Please be in touch! We can schedule a consultation to see if it might serve you!​

You would have the opportunity to talk about your life, what you’ve been dreaming of, and the goals you’d like to accomplish. ​

It’s an opportunity to share and to get a sense of what it feels like to have support in this important area of life. You would learn about the process and learn how to reach your health goals by working with me in a program. ​

My hope is this would be your launch off point to an even greater life than ever! ​

Coaching sessions are held either in person or by phone or video call.​

I’m wishing you the best life!​