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About Us:

We want to inspire your greatest life with fresh, colourful, high vibe and detoxifying, plant-based foods. lifestyle and nutrition!
We bring it through our holistic, plant-based, organic, and raw foods kitchen. 
We share holistic, plant-based cuisine and lifestyle through our day to day with sit-down, take-away, delivery, retail, education and catering options.

Our Story:

The idea for Gorilla Food started in 1996 when founder Aaron Ash discovered the world of organic, vegetarian and raw, living foods. At first, he was especially enthusiastic about fresh-pressed juices and he felt the whole world needed to know about their benefits. He became eager to start a juice bar and to create a community hub for social interaction and sharing holistic information. After a time of travel, studies, experience and experiment, the idea for that small juice bar came to be. It blossomed into Gorilla Food – serving fresh juice and much more.

Our Standards:

Gorilla Food serves all organic, plant-based cuisine.

Our Mission:

The mission of Gorilla Food is to encourage peace through holistic, super-charged, health and nutrition, yoga practice, permaculture, activism, economics, arts and culture.
Gorilla Food serves to support creative, social, cultural, agricultural, health and sustainability based projects

Our Values:

Compassion Integrity Community Self-Initiative
Cooperation Commitment Positivity Curiosity

Media Mentions: